Anand Rathi Brokerage offering Online Services to investment and trading freaks

In this era of “Everything Online”, finding something extra-ordinary on the World Wide Web is less shocking than not finding a common thing over the same. Looking at the dependency rate of Indians, who make the Nation rank third in terms of ‘Nations using internet’, Anand Rathi Brokerage is availing all the possible financial services over the internet for the convenience and better experience of its client base because that’s the need off his hour.
Amit Rathi led Anand Rathi Brokerage is a brokerage firm that helps the people in need of financial guidance, for not only using adequate channels but also investing their valuable assets with the help of the same.
Using online services of Anand Rathi will help the people interested in trading, to access the multiple investments and asset classes, go through the advisor’s researches before investing, do hassle free trading with Advanced Trading Tools of Anand Rathi Brokerage, receive the essential support of customer service and the website’s online service platforms are compatible with multiple devices as well.
The online services that Anand Rathi makes available to its clients, are:
Tr@de Lite: an easy to use comprehensive web based application that enables the user to track markets, trade online in equity, commodity & currency segments, and invest in the current Initial Public Offerings. It additionally allows access to research, transaction reports, online portfolios and  similar facilities.
Tr@de X'press: this platform allows the user to take control of their investments as the platform has been strategically designed for providing a terminal-like experience and the convenience to trade online.
Tr@de X'pro: an exe-based desktop software, which is designed for active traders who transact quite often. The customized features of the platform offer the user, a faster trading experience.
Tr@de X'pro+: X'pro+ allows the user to utilise investment services, trading advice, news and tools of the trading, offered by Anand Rathi.
Tr@de Mobi: the Mobile Trading App of Anand Rathi makes accessing and managing the Investment & Trading account, a smooth and convenient process for the user.
Tr@de On Move: It allows the user to access their account from anywhere in the world. The facility to trade and having trained dealers’ access without any extra cost, is availed to the clients of Anand Rathi, who chose its Online Investment Account.
The availability of such services over the internet, is a cherry on the top for people interested in trading and investments.

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